Vertical cartoner / automatic / intermittent-motion / for the pharmaceutical industry
Vertipack V2 Engineering


  • Orientation:


  • Operational mode:


  • Technology:


  • Domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Throughput:

    60 p/min


The machine Vertipack is an automatic vertical can filling machine particularly suitable for working in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical field.
The Vertipack machine is of great flexibility since it allows the packaging of products of little and medium dimensions, of regular or irregular shape, multiple packaging and prepackaged or loose product.

The machine has the following features:

"Inline" development for a better positioning of the productive line;
it is a machine with mechanical movements in intermittent cycle and it works with pre-glued cases picked up from the warehouse;
the warehouse is innovative and it is able to increase the autonomy, as the one used by the horizontal cartoners;
the pickup system rotate and put them in volume, before inserting them in the transport;
the cases transport is realized with toothed belts in order to assure the maximum care in the handling and quietness of the machine;
the tucked-in closure system is innovative in order to allow with the most "difficult" cases;
the format change is fast and functional and it is controlled by digital indicators;
the machine can be equipped with loading systems like pick and place, counters, measures;

Our pluriennal experience allows us to realize automatic feedings dedicated in detail to the product to treat.


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