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Enclosed conductor rail
40 - 200 A | KBSL, KSL VAHLE


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The Enclosed Conductor Systems KSL and KBSL have a maximum nominal voltage of 690 V and the continuous ampere capacity is 200 A. There are 5 poles.

The KBSL and KSl have been utilized successfully for a long time and have been consistently enhanced and adjusted to the most recent device today. They are conductor lines in an rigid PVC housing with diverse copper cross segments for evaluated currents of 40 - 200 A. The current authorities, running in metal spheres, are guided by the housing. The primary is exchanged by spring-put away carbon brushes.

Minimal course of action, consumption safety, and basic get together are the fundamental peculiarities. The ranges of applications overhead and stretched tracks for cranes, monorails, electric derricks, electric instruments, stacking frameworks, and additionally numerous different requisitions for supplying force to moving force loads.


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