Enclosed conductor rail
40 - 200 A, IP23 | KBH VAHLE

The KBH is a powerail, protected from contact (IP 23), for indoor and outdoor plants. They are conductor lines in a rigid grey PVC housing with different copper cross sections for rated currents of 40 - 200A. The current collectors, running in ball bearings, are guided by the housing. The main is transferred by spring-stored carbon brushes.

Type KBHF in 4 and 5-conductor configurations, with factory-mounted flat copper band and spring-operated plug connectors from 40 to 100 A.

Type KBHS in 4 and 5-conductor configuration, with factory-mounted flat copper band and screw connectors from 40 to 200 A.

Compact arrangement, corrosion resistance, and simple assembly are the essential features. The KBH is suitable especially for overhead and elongated tracks for cranes, monorails, electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems, as well as many other applications for supplying power to moving power loads.


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