3-axis accelerometer / MEMS / rugged / miniature
VMU931 Variense



  • Number of axes:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, miniature, high-frequency, ultra-light, high-sensitivity, with digital output

  • Acceleration range:

    157 m/s² (515 ft/s²)

  • Frequency:

    1,000 Hz


Variense VMU931 is a unique small, and low cost inertial measurement unit. IMUs are electronic devices that record and communicate a body’s angular velocity, linear acceleration, and sometimes the magnetic field surrounding the sensor. This sensory information can then be fused using Kalman filter algorithm for excellent orientation and motion detection in industrial, sports and medical applications, such as UAVs navigation and clinical research.

The new rugged VMU931 is a round IMU with a diameter of 31 mm, that can fit up to 3-axis accelerometers, 3-axis gyros, 3-axis magnetic, temperature sensors in a robust aluminum housing as shield against extreme environmental conditions. It is based on the latest MEMS technology, which is highly adaptive to various applications. Real-time data logging, maximum sensitivity and automatic factory calibration ensure that the sensor will fit your system properly.

Adjustable output data: linear acceleration, quaternion, rotation matrix, euler angles. Intuitive and flexible user interface provides easy-to-use display and data logging tools. Low cost, shock resistant, splashproof and dustproof. USB connection