Packaging checkweigher / for in-line monitoring / multi-line
V73 Varpe Control de Peso, S.A.


  • Product applications:

    for packaging

  • Applications:

    for in-line monitoring

  • Other characteristics:


  • Throughput:

    150 p/min

  • Max. load capacity:

    3 kg (6.61 lb)

  • Accuracy:

    0.2 g (0.01 oz)


The Varpe Multilane System has been designed to check, verify and control products that are manufactured across parallel production lines. It is ideally suited to work with multiple head filler machines and with production lines which are configured to converge into a single point.

The device minimizes time and cost of processing the product individually weighing each track and up to 6 tracks being able to program and monitor the entire production with one unit.


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