lithium-ion batteries energy storage system
VARTA one L, VARTA one XL VARTA Microbattery GmbH



  • Other characteristics:

    lithium-ion batteries

  • Voltage:

    400 V


Our energy storage systems one L and one XL are the perfect solutions for those who claim the highest technical requirements and flexibility for the future.

one L and one XL impress with their modular design, which allows them to adapt to your needs and requirements at any time. Once installed, they can be easily upgraded. You benefit from our powerful and reliable battery technology, which combines our long experience and expertise.

Due to their modular design, one L and one XL can be expanded any time. As energy consumption increases, the output capacity can be increased accordingly: from 2.8 kWh up to 6.9 kWh – just right to increase your own consumption in demanding households. one XL can be upgraded from 3.7 kWh to 13.8 kWh. This energy storage system is a smart solution for large households and apartment buildings. one XL can be also used as a power source for charging large-scale equipment like electric and plug-in-hybrid cars.