Worm gear electric gearmotor / right-angle
260 - 1 350 Nm, 0.18 - 0.55 kW | RT/RT series VARVEL


  • Type:

    worm gear

  • Shaft orientation:



RA Series Worm Speed reducers are enclosed in an aluminum die-cast housing and cover, and are available in about seven different size options. ISM forms the input module that has a solid shaft and BSM module with a back-stop feature that can be flexibly mounted on most of the Varvel gearboxes.

The input shaft of ISM is supported by two 2RS bearings that are sealed and grease-packed, thereby eliminating the requirement for any further lubrication during its lifetime. ISM has half-coupling to facilitate direct coupling to gearboxes. BSM can be mounted to the Varvel gearboxes with flexible coupling via IEC or NEMA flanges.


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