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manual turntable / rotating manual turntable / rotating


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Velmex Turntables differ from Velmex Rotary Tables in that turntables can be spun freely by hand. They also feature a 12° range of fine position adjustment. Typical applications include mounting and rotation of test specimens, cameras, transducers, sensors, and mirrors. Unlike the rotary tables on page 1.62, turntables do not use a worm and gear design. They use a spring-loaded tangent screw drive for fine adjustments. With the clamping knob released, the turntable can be freely rotated into position by hand.

Tightening the clamping knob engages a tangent screw driven against a spring-loaded yoke, allowing fine motion control. The spring will resist up to 14 oz-in of rotational torque. Table features include an easy to read engraved 360° scale, 6 minute (0.1 degree) resolution, maximum horizontal load capacity of 200 pounds, and rugged black finish. These tables cannot be motor-driven and are not recommended for tensile (pulling) loads or vertical loads greater than 1 lb.