ball bearing linear slide
A60 series VELMEX, Inc.

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ball bearing linear slide ball bearing linear slide - A60 series


  • Type:

    ball bearing

  • Stroke:

    Max.: 84 in

    Min.: 0 in

  • Load:

    45, 109


The A60 series is a unislides manufactured by Velmex Incorporated. This device comes in 6 different kinds, each kind offers you a particular features or profits to fulfill your necessities. The S is the slider length with a standard length of 6", and an optional 8" long slider is accessible to build steadiness for vast or cantilevered load.

The L is the dovetail base length, its bases start at 9" and build in 3" increments. The unislide model number determines the type and different attributes. The choice of your base length is fused as the third and fourth digits of the Model Number. For instance, Model A6015 has a 15" base length.