manual rotary table / horizontal / large / for heavy loads



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    large, for heavy loads


The Series 4800 Rotary Tables are used in positioning for assembly, testing and production. The manual and motorized tables are available with worm-gear drives in three ratios: 18: 1, 36:1 and 72:1, The knob is engraved in 0.1 degree increments; it can be replaced with a NEMA 23 stepper motor if desired. Table size is 2.37" (62 mm) high, 5.27" (137 mm) wide and 8.28" (210 mm) long with a 1.57"(39 mm) clear aperture through the center. The table has a 1 degree graduations scale along its circumference. Table top axial run-out is 0.00025"; table top radial run-out is 0.0005". Accuracy is 100 arc-seconds. Maximum load capacity is 200 lbs. horizontal or 25 lbs. on edge. The table is made of aluminum and weighs 5.5 lbs. It accepts stepper and DC motors.