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coalescing separator / oil

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coalescing separator / oil coalescing separator / oil


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1. Type of technology
Physical principle of coalescence.

2. Contaminants which can be removed
Mists and vapours of lubricating oil, cooling oil, inks, asphalt, DOP. Emissions from plastic and textile processes, etc.

3. Emission limits possible
Emission limits should be examined case-by-case; it is possible to reach collection efficiencies over 90%.

4. Description of the equipment and/or process
The following is the description of an DOP abatement system.

Purpose of this plant is to remove and to recover the DOP present in a given volume of process gases and released (in our specific case) by certain conveyor belt coating and bonding lines during production.

Industry in general often gives rise to process gases containing contaminating substances that are difficult to capture and disposed of. Moreover these fumes may not be discharged freely in the atmosphere. Hence it is also necessary to proceed to clean them in order to reduce the quantity of contaminants to below regulatory limit values or acceptable values for direct reuse in the production cycle.
In this case the above requirement involves considerable investments and running costs which are not always feasible in industries in the small/medium scale.