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Disc filter for liquid / solid separation
10 - 120 m³/h | Berkal™ Veolia Water STI

Berkal™ disc filtration systems remove contaminants such as fibers, grit, sand and algae.
Flow rates from 10 to 120 m3/hr.

Features & benefits
- Compact systems with high flow and retention capacities
- Automatic backwashing of individual filters based on time or pressure differential ; continual flow, optimized backwash water usage
- Modular design, choice of filtration grades from 20 to 400 μm ; highly scalable, flexible
- Precision of screen filtration, retention of depth filtration ; high contaminant removal rates
- Air assisted backwashing ; rinse water consumption is only 0.5% of filtrate capacity
- No consumables ; low running costs, minimal maintenance


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