high level infeed palletizer / Cartesian / bag / for heavy loads
VPM-88 Verbruggen Emmeloord BV



  • Type:

    high level infeed, Cartesian

  • Product applications:

    bag, for heavy loads

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, high-speed, compact, high-capacity

  • Throughput:

    Max.: 25 p/min

    Min.: 15 p/min


With special features, VPM-88 is designed especially for meeting the general requirements in the Chinese market. While largely saves labor costs, the return-in-investment of VPM-88 is relatively short. The machine is applicable for handling 25kg-70kg bags in various dimensions. It offers a high speed product stacking capabilities combined with overlapping product achieving compact and perfect stacking results which allows efficient transportation, at the meantime minimized the good damage rate.

In addition to the palletizer, VPM-88 is facilitated with an automatic unloading system which allows automatic transportation of bags from the incoming truck onto pallets. The automation unloading system is configured with an extra flexible/moveable belt. Depends on truck length, the belt can be extended from 6 meters to 12 meters and reaches inside of the truck. For unloading goods, this system provides a time-wise and labor-saving solution. Only two persons are needed for handling a truck load of goods from an incoming truck onto pallets, with much less working hours.

The elevator belt automatically accumulating, delivering and conditioning bags towards the manipulator. The palletizing collar is able to be tuned and mounted for the right pallet size and to create a flat and compact product layer with an interlocking pattern. The pallet lift declines after complete each layer and controls the height of dropping of bags onto the next layer. Bags can be stacked as high as 2 meters. Complete pallet will be sent out by roller conveyor and empty pallet will be automatically delivered by the infeed pallet dispenser.