round anti-vibration mount / steel / for aeronautical applications / light-duty
AVAU HF Vibrostop Srl



  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for aeronautical applications, light-duty, for marine applications, for mobile devices, for extreme temperatures, for automotive applications

  • Other characteristics:

    low-frequency, stainless steel, wire rope isolator, vibration damper

  • Static load:

    Min.: 0.25 daN

    Max.: 18 daN


The brand new AVAU HF takes the usual application in the defense field of wire rope mounts to a wider prospective, thanks to its innovative design.

AVAU HF allows both the protection of lab instruments from environmental vibrations and stable shooting with cameras installed on drones and land equipment.
Thanks to its low-frequencies suspension and to the excellent damping qualities, AVAU HF can play as PA system and subwoofer decoupler, in order to improve the performance and avoid the structural noise transmission.
AVAU HF is made of aluminium alloy and stainless steel, in this way the maintenance requirements are almost null.
Main features:

- load range from 0.25 to 18 daN

- multi-directional isotropic vibration damper

- excellent damper and low amplification resonance thanks to its natural low frequencies

- long-lasting and reliable product

- nonmagnetic feature