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The demand for luxury and comfort on boats and vehicles grows every day. Unfortunately, more luxury and comfort means a larger web of wiring and monitoring/control panels. This web creates a confusing and inefficient situation for the user. ED&D Technologies has developed a solution for this universal problem: E-Plex.

Together with ED&D, Victron has developed the ‘VE.Bus to E-Plex protocol Converter’ (VEC). This new product connects Victron equipment to the E-Plex network. The result of a seamless cooperation between the Victron units and E-Plex is simplistic power management of all inverters, Multi’s and Quattro’s. With E-Plex, the user can turn the units on/off and set current limits for the PowerAssist functionality. The power, voltages and values of the AC and DC currents can be read out as well.


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