High-pressure steam boiler
5 - 26 t/h | Vitomax 200-HS Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG

The Vitomax 200-HS high pressure steam
boiler meets all the latest requirements
specified for advanced steam boilers. With
the optional integrated economiser and
associated system technology, the steam
boiler utilises fuel with particular efficiency.
Clean combustion
Operation of the three-pass boiler is
environmentally friendly with clean
combustion throughout the entire output
range. A defined and constant temperature
where the flame is created supports stable
flame formation and reduces NOx emissions.

-High pressure steam boiler with steam output from 5 to 26 t/h
-Three-pass boiler with and without economiser
-Permissible operating pressure from 6 to 25 bar
-Boiler support in the form of an open steel beam construction (I-beam)
-New optimised arrangement of connectors (water level indicator,
T.D.S. electrode)
-Manostat bracket on the boiler side


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