Steam boiler / high-pressure
0.5 - 4 t/h | Vitomax 200-HS Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG


  • Product:


  • Pressure range:


  • Steam production:

    Min.: 500 kg/h (1102.31 lb/h)

    Max.: 4000 kg/h (8818.5 lb/h)


The Vitomax 200-HS (type M73A) is a high pressure steam boiler manufactured by Viessmann. It is designed to meet specific demands needed for generating steam efficiently. This equipment can withstand operating pressure from 6 up to 30 bar. This steam boiler is suitable for utilization in wide array of applications such as processing of food, production of fertilizer, construction components, paper, beverage, chemical/pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and refineries.

In addition, it can be operated using light fuel oil (HEL), liquid gas or natural gas.


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