Cartesian palletizer / for boxes / package / automatic
Villani Giovanni srl



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    for boxes, package

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Product description
This machine consists of three main groups:

- A system for automatically loading pallets
- A motorized-roller transport system
- A four-axis manipulation system

The operator places up to 10 pallets in a loader;
After the loading, the operator presses a to start the machine, which deposits a single pallet a catenary. This transports the pallet onto a motorized roller on which the manipulator works and, at its request, will move the pallet into the package loading position.

The manipulator picks up the packages to be stacked from a roller.
A brushless motor allows the gripper to rotate the package up to 270°. This allows the rotated packages to be stacked in the best configuration in terms of stability and the number of packages on the pallet and to place any logos or graphics so that they face the outside and remain visible.
The other three directions of movement are driven by brushless motors. For relatively low production and less precision in positioning, it is possible to install simple three-phase motors, instead of brushless motors, which significantly lowers the cost of the manipulator.
The two sections work independently: in fact, there are two safety modules that have two groups of barrier photocells.
The pallet exits the manipulator on a roller. Another barrier group ensures the safety of operator by preventing him from entering the manipulation area. This is deactivated when the pallet passes and is then immediately activated when the pallet has exited.
All parameters can are completely managed from the LCD screen interface with touch-screen.
The screen also displays all the counters.