inspection machine with computed tomography (CT) / X-ray
X8060 NDT Viscom



  • Technology:

    with computed tomography (CT), X-ray


X-ray inspection delivers information about the interior of a 3D inspection object. Even in 2D mode, quick, highly magnified views in the third dimension are possible. With the help of modern computed tomography, the 3D mode allows the reconstruction of complete volumetric models, so non-destructive slices or measurements can be made in any direction.

This flexibility makes the X8060 NDT a valuable inspection system for widely varying industrial applications. Typical defects recognized by this non-destructive testing (NDT) method are cracks, bridges, pores, voids, foreign bodies, form deviations, incorrect positioning, misalignment, or inhomogeneous transitions. Even concealed solder joints (BGA, THT etc.) on electronics assemblies can be inspected at the highest magnification with angled radiation.