inspection stereo microscope / optical / compact / trinocular
SX45-TR Vision Engineering Ltd.



  • Technical applications:


  • Type:


  • Ergonomics:

    compact, trinocular

  • Other characteristics:

    zoom, digital camera, long working distance

  • Magnification:

    Min.: 8 unit

    Max.: 200 unit


The SX45-TR is a stereo microscope that has a compact design and precision optics.

As a part of the SX family of stereo microscopes for industry and life sciences, it is designed to be used in many fields that need image capture such as industrial, biological and life science. This microscope offers stereo viewing in high quality that is suitable for industrial, biological and life science applications.

Images can be captured and documented by additionally using digital cameras or video cameras. The SX45-TR can work on long duration making it fit for manipulation, SMT re-work, dissection or basic inspection tasks.

A wide variety of stand options and accessories are also available to suit individual customer requirements needs. The SX45-TR features a trinocular head which enables users to use digital or video cameras for archiving, acquisition, and analysis.


- Trinocular head permits the use of digital or video camera.
- Image archiving, acquisition, processing, analysis and documentation
- 8x - 50x* (6.3:1 zoom ratio) click-stop stereo zoom magnification (x200 max.)
- Long-life (up to 6,000 hours), true colour LED illumination
- Wide range of options and configurations
- Extra long working distance (115mm*)
- Very rugged, easy to use and simple to maintain

* with standard x1.0 objective