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Lynx VS8 Vision Engineering Ltd.



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    zoom, high-resolution


Lynx VS8 is an advanced stereo zoom microscope for specialist Printed Circuit Board (PCB) inspection and is ideal for all electronics applications including fine pitch, surface mount, TAB and BGA technology.

- Superb image resolution and contrast for improved fault detection
- 3D 360° rotating view (at 34° angle)
- Scanning stage for various board sizes and double-sided PCBs

A variant of Vision Engineering's successful Lynx stereo microscope, Lynx VS8 utilises Vision Engineering's patented Dynascope technology to offer the user advanced ergonomics by removing the need for restrictive eyepieces.

Increased head and body freedom for the operator leads to greater productivity, increased throughput, improved quality control and less fatigue.

Lynx VS8 inspection system is in use in tens of thousands of PCB manufacturing sites worldwide and provides optimum ergonomics to reduce fatigue, increase operator accuracy and reduce scrap.


- Patented stereo eyepiece-less optics provides superb image resolution and contrast for improved fault detection
- Superior ergonomics allows for significantly reduced fatigue and increased quality and productivity.
- 8.2x – 45x direct view zoom magnification range (4.9x – 28x oblique view).
- Modular design allows for addition of accessories, including image capture options.
- Switchable direct or oblique, rotating views, allow detailed inspection of solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms
- Stage can be locked for precision inspection tasks (X-axis, Y-axis, or both).