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DX21 Vision Engineering Ltd.


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    educational, laboratory


Vision Engineering’s DX21 is a robust, simple to use high quality routine lab microscope with a range of illumination options, ideal for routine lab, biomedical, clinical and educational applications.

- 40x - 1000x magnification range
- Compact and modular for easy addition of accessories
- Outstanding infinity optical system
- Brightfield, polarized light, phase contrast and darkfield

Designed for routine lab and educational use, the portable DX21 is a simple to use upright binocular microscope with a small footprint ensuring available bench space is maximised.

The DX21 upright microscope offers clear, sharp images with a range of accessories including phase contrast, darkfield, simple polarized light and image capture facilities.

Features and benefits

- Observation tube includes an interpupillary adjustment of 48 - 75mm with an inclination of 30º and a compensation free trinocular head.

- The quadruple nosepiece is reversed allowing unrestricted access to the specimen whilst the focussing turners and stage controls are conveniently positioned promoting fatigue free operation.

- A pre-focus stop prevents slides and objectives from collision and damage and also allows for quick return to the focal point after the introduction of immersion oil.


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