optical microscope / measuring / digital camera / 3-axis non-contact measuring
Hawk Elite Vision Engineering Ltd.



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  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera, 3-axis non-contact measuring

  • Magnification:

    20, 10, 100, 50


The Hawk Elite non-contact optical measurement system has been designed for companies who demand the highest levels of manufacturing quality.

Employing patented Dynascope™ optical technology, Hawk Elite provides high accuracy measurement of precision components, so you can have complete confidence in your results.

Hawk Elite offers high accuracy, repeatable measurement of complex components of all materials and excels at measuring difficult-to-view samples, such as black or transparent plastics.

- High accuracy and repeatability, 3-axis non-contact measurements
- Microscope-resolution optical image provides high accuracy measurement
- Patented optical viewing head clearly defines edges, offering superb resolution and contrast
- Wide range of system configurations and options, including fully automated CNC control

Dynascope™ technology explained

Dynascope™ technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces, offering the user a superior image of the subject. Hawk Elite is a true optical microscope. Unprocessed, high resolution, true-colour optical images are viewed through the ergonomic eyepiece-less viewing head.

Light passes through the patented Dynascope™ optics, exiting the single viewing lens as twin (mono) light paths. The large diameter of these exit rays means that users do not need to precisely align their eyes with the viewing lens in order to see the subject.