planetary mixer / batch / for liquids / for the food industry
PH xxxx DT series VMI



  • Technology:


  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for liquids

  • Application domain:

    for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, clean-in-place (CIP)

  • Capacity:

    Min.: 100 l (26.42 gal)

    Max.: 900 l (237.75 gal)


A great versatility associated with a very high level of performance make of VMI industrial planetary mixers particularly suitable equipment for operations of foaming, emulsion, creaming, gritting and whipping. All the know-how process of VMI is concentrated in these column or bridge mixers which allow, among other things, to work in vacuum or under pressure conditions, the dosing and the introduction of components, the under pressure emptying, the heating/cooling and the on-site cleaning.