Mass flow meter / thermal / for gas / in-line
GC series Vögtlin Instruments – flow technology


  • Technology:

    mass, thermal

  • Fluid:

    for gas

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:



VOEGTLIN Mass Flow Meters - 'red-y compact series' uses a thermal mass measurement principle. The applications include air probe sampler, analyzer calibration, burner control, calibration equipment, calibration of instruments, coating plant, control of gas atmosphere, flame control, flow rate monitoring, food production, furnace building, gas analyzers, gas dosages, gasing of metal melting etc.

The other variants of the series include red-y compact meter GCM / GCR / GCS/ GCA, OEM version etc. The unit is insensitive to pressure and thermal changes. It operates with battery power(autonomous operation) or 24 VDC voltage supply.This extremely compact unit houses a unique CMOS sensor technology that offers on the spot direct reading, bar graph and resistance to pressure pumps.

Other features include high precision needle valve, totalizer, in-sensitiveness to pressure and temperature changes, alarm function, real gas calibration, 3 year manufacturer warranty, etc. The measuring range is between 100 mln/min to 450 ln/min. It also accommodates a 6 digit LCD, G¼“ type process connection, Pressure sensitivity of < 0.2% and temperature sensitivity of < 0.025%.


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