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shaft coupling / transmission / backlash-free / shaft-hub
Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA



  • Product applications:

    for shafts, transmission

  • Other characteristics:

    backlash-free, shaft-hub, torque, friction

  • Torque:

    Max.: 20,000,000 Nm (14,751,242.9855

    Min.: 1,000 Nm (737.5621


Connection Couplings
Voith connection couplings transmit torque, backlash-free in a friction joint. They transfer the most torque in relation to size, which adds high performance and allows for more effective dimensioning of the driveline. Setting and releasing occurs hydraulically, which enables fast installation, service and maintenance. All models can be customized to suit existing, as well as newly designed interfaces.

Our product portfolio includes:

HyCon couplings for shaft-shaft or shaft-flange connections
HyLoc couplings for shaft-hub connections
HyGrip couplings for quick-release customer-specific shaft-hub connections
Torque capacity available from 1 to 20 000 kNm

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