Tappers drilling machine / swing arm
M3 - M16 | DRILLTRONIC VOLUMEC mechanical innovations


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    swing arm


The Drilltronic by Volumec Mechanical Innovations is an articulated arm drilling tapping machine which comes with an innovative system that has been developed. For this specific model, it has a tapping capacity of M3-M16 (M20) and a working area of 1100 mm. Using a twist drill, it has a drilling capacity of D 1.5 to 20 mm and a D 0.40 mm with cutter. This tool has a drilling dept of 135 mm and a vertical trip of the column of about 500 mm. Each unit comes with a technology that enables a smooth and quick placements within a machining operation. It uses a latest control system the VAPS (Volumec Assisted Positioning System) that comes with a touchscreen display for easy configuration.


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