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Cutting drilling machine / for sheet metal
max. 2 050/3 050 x 12 100 x 75 | V320-2000/ V320-3000 Voortman Steel Machinery


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    for sheet metal


The Voortman V320 is the combination of plate cutting and drilling as it is suited with a unit for drilling along with a ten-fold automatic tool changer.

This product features plasma cutting in which it uses 260 amp power source standard on the plate cutting and drilling systems and an oxy-fuel cutting for cutting through thicker material. It makes use of carbide drilling in which servo drives are used in sync with ball screws for every movement that are as large as 30 kW servo drive for the drilling spindle results in extreme acceleration. The unit also makes use of an automatic tool changer in which it offers the merging of the unmatched automation level of the Voortman lines.


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