board connector / USB / rectangular / locking
G12 VPC - Virginia Panel Corporation


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* Provides an easy way of guiding a fixture into position prior to engagement
* Runners along the platform provide a smooth-sliding action
* Ideal feature when using large scale fixtures

Tabletop Configuration

* The tabletop configuration allows the S6 and G12 to be mounted to any horizontal surface
* Rear covers are available to protect wiring from the receiver to the test equipment

QuadraTrack™ Engagement

* Engaging Mechanism in the form of a pair of slotted steel slides located in the Receiver
* Distributes uniform pressure to four points on the ITA during engagement and disengagement
* Precise signal integrity between the Receiver and ITA is maintained by QuadraTrack™ engagement system

Slide Configuration

* The Slide Kits for the S6 and G12 allow access to test instrumentation and wiring
* Multiple Accessories are available for this configuration such as the Cable Tray and the Keyboard Tray Kit