pneumatic tired road roller / articulated
Tru-Pac 915B VT LeeBoy, Inc.



  • Type:

    pneumatic tired

  • Options:


  • Operating weight:

    5,942 kg (13,099.9 lb)

  • Engine power:

    74 ch (74 hp)


The Rosco Tru-Pac 915B pneumatic roller provides a versatile, center-point articulating roller for asphalt paving, chip sealing and soil applications. Easy to operate and fully hydrostatic, this roller’s low profile water tank enhances operator visibility and safety. The Tru-Pac 915B features all-wheel oscillation to increase the kneading action during compaction and can be easily ballasted with water, sand or steel in the front and rear compartments. This machine provides consistent tru-tracking compaction in forward, reverse and especially when turning.
Key Features
9 pneumatic tires, option for 11
Articulating frame for truck tracking compaction
All wheel oscillation
Variable ballast, 6.5 to 15 tons
100 gallon pressurized water system
Responsive hydrostatic drive system