Electric duct heater
0.5 - 13.5 kW Vulcanic

Electric duct heaters, for heating air to approx. 40°C in round airconditioning
ducts (diameter from 125 to 630mm) to a maximum
pressure of 100mm WC and a minimum air speed of 2 m/s.
Tubular sheathed elements stainless steel tube AISI
321/Din1.4541 in flat panel shape, mounted on an IP 30 cover
in galvanised steel sheet.
90/100 °C safety thermostat with automatic reset, with sensor in
a thermowell. 2 entry points for cable, diameter from
5 to 20mm. Wired for 1 heating stage
Supply voltage : 230V 1P, 230V 3P, 400V 3P according to wiring
and power required.


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