Flexible heating element / adhesive / silicone
1.5 - 1 000 W Vulcanic

In addition to rectangular shapes, silicone heating panels
can quickly be made into all kinds of irregular shapes with
holes and cuts-outs.
It is therefore possible to heat flat, cylindrical and conical
surfaces, as well as pipework, up to 180°C.
Maximum peak temperature 200°C.
Rugged, flexible, and compact, silicone heating panels
solve many problems of heating or maintaining temperature.
A self-adhesive surface can be added to one or two sides
of the panel for permanent fixing.
The panels can optionally be fitted with a temperature
limiter (I max. = 10 A / 230 VAC), a Pt100 probe, or a Jor
K-type thermocouple.
Voltage 230V 1 P.
For other voltage or other phases consult us.
I max. = 17 A / phase.
Connection lead length = 1 m on standard model.
Max. dimensions = 2000 x 900 mm
To describe a panel made to measure, use the boxes


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