bellows suction cup / for glazing / for sheet metal / lifting
08xx030 series VUOTOTECNICA



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    for glazing, for sheet metal, lifting

  • Diameter:

    110 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 250 mm


The bellow cups are vulcanised onto a galvanised steel or aluminium support. They are provided with a central threaded hole that helps to fasten it with the machine and and a side one is for the vacuum connection or for detecting the vacuum level. The cups are delivered in three standard compounds. The cups include main feature of quick crumpling up during the grip which enables to lift the load for a few centimeter without depending on the lifting frame.

The quick movement avoids the load beneath and remains stuck to the lifted one instead. The distinguished feature make the cups particularly suitable to handle thin metal sheets, glass sheets, chipboard or compressed wood panels,laminated plastic etc. Their excellent flexibility enables them to compensate flatness errors or for the grip of inclined surfaces.

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