flat vacuum suction cup / circular / for vacuum / handling



  • Type:

    flat, circular

  • Other characteristics:

    for vacuum, handling, rubber, for gripping, silicone

  • Diameter:

    Min.: 10 mm

    Max.: 45 mm


The traditional cup-shaped vacuum cups are specially designed to grip and handle small objects with flat, slightly concave or convex surfaces. The widely used cups feature 10 to 45 mm and are generally available in standard compounds of natural para rubber N, oil-resistant rubber A and silicon S. The cups can be cold-assembled onto a nickel-plated brass or anodised aluminium support without using any adhesive.

The support is specifically shaped to exactly fit the cup and includes a male threaded pin to enable its easy fixing with the machine. . The cups can be replaced very easily for spare part by just requesting for the cup in the table in the desired compound. . The required cup can be ordered by requesting the cup indicated in the table with the desired compound

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