flat suction cup / circular / handling / for gripping ceramic tile



  • Type:

    flat, circular

  • Other characteristics:

    handling, for gripping ceramic tile, for marble and glass clamping, vacuum

  • Diameter:

    80 mm


The flat, circular vacuum cups with support are designed with particularly thin and soft lip to ensure perfect grip of very rough surfaces. They feature supporting surface with cleats to ensure a firm grip on the load to be handled. The specially designed cups are extensively used for gripping ceramic tiles with smooth, rough and non-slip surfaces. The special characteristics of the cups also make them suitable for handling glass, marble and cement manufactures. The cups are cold-assembled, with out any adhesives, onto their anodized aluminium support and include a threaded hole in the center to enable fastening to the machine. The cups can be replaced very easily for spare part by just requesting for the cup in the table in the desired compound

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