flat suction cup / rectangular / handling / multi-function



  • Type:

    flat, rectangular

  • Other characteristics:

    handling, multi-function, rubber, for sheet metal, foam, vacuum


The foam rubber cups in this product series are constructed using a special compound often known under the name, GERANIUM, with a density that makes it grip uneven and rough surfaces, maintaining an elasticity even after many working cycles. In addition to this, the foam rubber cups come with a self-adhesive side that allows quick fixing of the products to their support, while their design makes them ideal for handling loads with very rough surfaces.

In case of lubricated gripping surfaces, the manufacturer recommends using neoprene foam rubber, while the working temperature of this product ranges from -40 to 80 degrees for GERANIUM and -20 to 80 degrees for foam rubber NF. Finally, the supports are made using anodized aluminum.

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