flat suction cup / round / for gripping / for marble and glass clamping



  • Type:

    flat, round

  • Other characteristics:

    for gripping, for marble and glass clamping, anti-slip, vacuum

  • Diameter:

    85 mm, 114 mm, 154 mm, 254 mm


The circular cups in this product series come with a self-locking support and ball valve, representing a true mobile clamping system. There are several high-quality components available, including a sturdy anodized aluminum support with a wide surface at the base, which is only limited by a seal that serves to fix it to the bearing surface. Another important component is the standard circular flat cup, assembled onto the upper part of the support.

A ball valve is also offered, creating a vacuum when it opens up, which occurs when it is activated by the gripped load. There are two quick couplings that ensure vacuum connection, while the gripping plane of the cups is covered with a non-slip plastic coating that has a special design and is suited for clamping smooth marble and glass. The detection of vacuum for releasing and gripping the support can be made using three-way vacuum valves or solenoid valves.

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