flat suction cup / round / for gripping / glass
086511A, 186511/90A VUOTOTECNICA



  • Type:

    flat, round

  • Other characteristics:

    for gripping, glass, clamping, anti-slip, vacuum

  • Diameter:

    65 mm


The Circular Vacuum Cups from Vuototecnica contains a ball valve, and has a self-locking support feature. It has a specially designed shape, which ensures firm grip. Its other feature is the precision in the height, whose nominal size has a tolerance of only five hundredths of millimeter. The cups are composed of a sturdy anodised aluminium support with a wide surface at the base limited by a seal. It also has a standard circular flat cup which is cold-assembled onto the upper part of the support for gripping the load.

The cup has a release button, which allows placing the support even with the vacuum inserted. The gripping plane of these cups is covered with a special non-slip plastic coating, which is particularly suited for clamping glass and smooth marble.

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