manual valve / for vacuum press bags / aspirating / 2-way



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for vacuum press bags

  • Other characteristics:

    aspirating, 2-way

  • DN:

    0.5 in, 0.375 in

  • Flow rate:

    20 m³/h, 10 m³/h (706 ft³/h)


The suction valves are made for a rapid vacuum connection on press bags for composite fibre products. They consist of a steel distributor which is to be installed in the bag, containing a cam construction for the rapid coupler for the vacuum connection. The fast coupler is designed with reeded and anodized aluminum and it is simply coupled with the distributor by simply rotating it on its axis by 90° when it has been installed.

Meanwhile, one silicon seal is positioned in the middle of two elements and the press bag that ensures a perfect vacuum seal. The 2-way valves and quick couplers are possible to be assembled on the valves.