rectangular suction cup / flat / for marble and glass clamping / for glass chamfering



  • Type:

    rectangular, flat

  • Other characteristics:

    for marble and glass clamping, for glass chamfering, vacuum


When it comes to marble and glass machining centers, the manufacturers of these products often require increasing accuracy and a safe clamping system. Because of this, the manufacturer decided to come up with a new series of cups. The products in this series are vulcanized onto a steel support, being fitted with a hole at the center, which facilitates vacuum connection, or with two holes on the internal circumference, making it east to house Allen screws.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the lip, which is extremely flexible and allows adaptation of the product to the sheets that need to be held, without any risk of rupture or deformation even when it comes to the thinnest ones. The internal support plane of the cups ensures a high friction coefficient, while the products guarantee a firm and safe grip as well. Finally, the cups provide the best accuracy on the market if users consider their thickness.

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