paint heater / cartridge / convection
TempSpray H 126 WAGNER



  • Type:


  • Treated product:

    for paint

  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    600 W (1 hp)


This is the smallest of all WAGNERs heating system which is mainly used for any kind of painting and/or undercoating jobs while being concretely flexible to any airless units such as TempSpray H 126 which is fitted to the Finish 250.
The basic unit is inclusive of a 10 m DN^stainless steel hose. The Airless Spraypack has the basic package with a quarter inch TradeTip 2 nozzle holder, F-thread 2SpeedTip nozzle L10 208/510. And the AirCoat Spraypack has the basic unit plus the 10 m DN6 stainless steel hose, AirCoat gun AC 4600 Prof. including blue aircap and holder and Air hose DN6, 10 m for AirCoat applications, including the cable tie.