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solid carbide milling cutter / thread / drilling / for cast iron



  • Construction:

    solid carbide

  • Type:

    thread, drilling

  • Treated material:

    for cast iron, for aluminum

  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, high-precision, with internal coolant, cutting, for countersinking, 2-flute


The Walter Prototype TMD solid carbide thread milling cutter is ideal for cutting internal threads as well as drilling, countersinking and milling the threads in one operation. It is best suited for use in short-chipping aluminum and cast iron materials.

It comes with a hard material coating and has been specifically matched to a wide range of applications thereby ensuring an extraordinary tool life. A value for money milling cutter, it could be an ideal choice with efficiency in drilling, countersinking and thread milling in a single working cycle, thereby eliminating the need for unproductive tool changes and travel paths. Increased productivity is guaranteed because of the 50% shorter processing time.

It also offers lot of space saving in the tool magazine with both reductions in the variety of tools as well as the space required. Last but not the least, it features precise positioning of the core hole in relation to the milled thread.