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slot milling cutter / interlocked side / indexable insert / roughing
Xtra▪tec® F4x53 WALTER



  • Geometry:

    interlocked side

  • Construction:

    indexable insert

  • Type:

    roughing, face, finishing, slot, shoulder

  • Treated material:

    for metal

  • Other characteristics:

    aeronautical parts, for automobiles, for aircraft


The new line of Walter Xtratec® side and face mills feature sturdy and tangential four-edged indexable inserts, making them highly suitable for parting, slotting, grooving and shoulder machining. These are the ideal tools to use for roughing and finishing operations and are extremely popular for general mechanical engineering, the automotive industry in addition to the aerospace industry.

The tools have a high metal removal rate even when used with low-performance machines and high process reliability due to the tangential indexable inserts. Walter Xtratex® side and face mills are designed for optimum productivity thanks to the deployable Tigertec® coatings, and the tools feature one type of indexable insert that permits multiple cutting widths.