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Loading spout truck / semi tankers / telescopic
max. 200 m³/h, - 20 °C ... +120 °C | CBELLOJET® ZA WAMGROUP S.p.A


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    truck, semi tankers, telescopic


WAMGROUP BELLOJET® ZA loading bellows are ideal for loading dry, dusty bulk solids into tankers in a highly efficient way with dust control. The spouts control material flow using inner tapered cones and remove dust using an outer double bellow. For special sealing, a polymer-coated SINT® cone is provided for connection to the tanker at the lower end of the loading bellow.

The BELLOJET® dust filtration system includes eight cartridges and a 2.2 kW (3.0 HP) fan, and gives an overall surface area of 10m2 (108 sq ft).


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