Vacuum air blow gun
Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning


  • Type:


  • Pressure:

    6 bar (87.02 psi)


The Suction Guns and the Vac-Blast Cleaner may extract dry and slightly moist contaminating particles, abrasions or short chips from work places or workshops. They are designed for continuous operations within machines, installations and production lines

A compressed air driven suction nozzles creates a vacuum according to the Venturi principle
Particles are safely and quickly collected and the use of an uncontrollable air blast is avoided
An assortment of brushes, nozzles, filters and containers makes these tools extremely versatile
Devices with felt filter are ideal for dry particles, non toxic dusts and abrasions, their counterparts with aerosol filters are ideal for moist particles such as short metal chips after thread cutting


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