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Gas thermal power plant
100 - 450 MW Wärtsilä


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Wärtsilä gas power plants

Wärtsilä gas power plants are designed for optimal production performance in a broad variety of peaking, intermediate and baseload applications. The power plants are based on modular 4–19 MW engine units operating on gaseous fuels.

Wärtsilä gas power plants offer high output and high simple cycle efficiency even in the most challenging ambient conditions and locations. The power plants offer world-class operational flexibility with uniquely fast starts, stops and restarts, ensuring perfect control over daily load fluctuations.

The benefits of gas power plants include:

Stepwise investment with smaller risks and optimized profit generation
Excellent plant availability and reduced need for backup capacity due to multi-unit installation
Net plant electrical efficiency of over 44%
Full plant output at high altitudes and in hot and dry ambient conditions
High part-load efficiency
Fast start-up, 5 min from hot standby to full plant load
Minimal water consumption with closed-circuit radiator cooling
Low gas fuel pressure requirement
Maintenance schedule independent of the number of starts or trips.


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