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Ultra-filtration membrane
PureQ® WaterQ


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The PureQ® membrane unit employs PCV alloy UF membrane technology. This pressure vessel is a type of hollow-fiber, with internal pressure. Our PureQ® membranes are manufactured from improved PVC, which is hydrophilic, pollution-proof, acid and alcohol-resistant and free of dirt block. PureQ® membranes achieve high water productivity under low pressure, thus greatly reducing operating costs.

WaterQ PureQ® membranes have been successfully employed to remove aerosols, colloids and microbes from water. Under particular water pressure, water and other small molecules permeate the ultrafiltration membrane, while aerosol, colloid, and animalcule particles are blocked on the inner surface of the membrane. The tiny aperture in the UF membrane fiber is so small that suspended particles, colloids, bacteria and macromolecular organisms cannot get through.


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