fixed caster / base plate / monobloc / nylon
WDS 12300 series WDS Component Parts



  • Type:


  • Mount:

    base plate

  • Other characteristics:

    monobloc, nylon, zinc-coated steel

  • Tread width:

    Min.: 30 mm

    Max.: 40 mm

  • Wheel diameter:

    Min.: 80 mm

    Max.: 152 mm

  • Load capacity:

    90 kg, 110 kg, 150 kg, 180 kg (198 lb)


The Footmaster and Carrymaster are leveling casters developed by Ross Handling. These products allow users to move and position large equipment with single hand. They are also supplied with a loading capacity of 50 kg to 1500 kg. In addition, other options are available including light, medium, and heavy duty versions.