AC/DC power supply / rack-mount / redundant
EOTec 6000 series Weed Instrument



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  • Other characteristics:

    rack-mount, redundant


The EOTec 6000 System components reside in a 6 slot modular rack (p/n 6A02) that can hold a maximum of 5 optical & electrical interface modules, plus a power supply modules.
The 6A02 rack measures 6 inches deep by 5.5 inches high by 8.5 inches wide, andincludes a pair of flanges for wall/panel mounting that will increase the totalwidth to 10.5 inches.
Using the optional 6A09 or 6A10 brackets allows you to mount one or two 6A02 racks on a set of standard 19 inch instrument rails.
EOTec 6000 Power Supply Modules occupy slot number 6 in the 6A02 Modular Rack. Models are available for a wide range of AC and DC input voltages, plus the option for redundant power using a pair of 6A18 Power Supplies.