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round anti-vibration mount / square / metal / for engines
WG series Weforma



  • Configuration:

    round, square

  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for engines

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, metal cushion damper


Metal cushions are mouldings made from a wire mesh set with elastic properties which are used on their own or in combination with fittings. They optimise oscillation isolation and reduce noise. Typical applications are: Exhaust systems, powertrains, electronics, filtration/emission, bodyworks, add-on parts, engines, auxiliaries and safety systems.

Metal cushions have the following benefits:

Shock-absorbing and vibration-isolation
Corrosion-resistant against solvents, acids, oils, greases, liquids and dust
Resistant to age - no permanent deformation, no hardening and no creeping
Temperature range: -90°C to +400°C
Long lifespan
Material: stainless steel
Requires little space
Easy to mount
Online calculator
Online: CAD drawings 2D and 3D

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